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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Reporting Services generates blank screen after prompting for credentials three times.

Our users were able to access the Reporting Services URL when they connected to the server via RDP but they were unable to access the Reporting Services URL remotely through the browser. The Report Services was running under a domain account with sufficient permission. When we changed the service account to “Networks Services” users were able to access the URL remotely and via RDP on the server. Unfortunately, the company’s security policy prohibits using any account other than a domain account to run services so we were unable to use the “Network Services” account.


When users try to connect the Reporting Services URL (Web Service and Report Manager) remotely via the browser, the user is prompted three times to enter credentials. After the third prompt, the user is presented with a blank screen.

Preliminary check:

1.SQL 2008 R2 Reporting Service is installed in Windows 2008 server
2.Windows Firewall is turned off for specific reporting services port
3.Service domain account has Sysadmin privilege to SQL server
4.Service domain account is a member of the Local Administrator group
5.The user connecting to Reporting Services has System Admin and Content Management privileges.

After further research and investigation we learned we had three possible solutions for this error.

1. Delete the specific Authorization Types in rsreportserver.xml;
2. Change the Reporting Server Service Account to “Network Services”; or
3. Configure a specific host header for SSRS, configure DNS server to understand that host header, and then configure the domain controller to have an SPN for the host header and the Reporting Server Service Account.

In our case, solution 2 was not an option given the security requirements. Solution 3 required additional network team resources in addition to security approval so we decided to try Solution 1, delete the Authorization Types in rsreportserver.xml.

To delete the specific Authorization Types inside the rsreportserver.xml file, open …\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServersreportserver.xml. Search the file for the “AuthenticationTypes” section. If the section contains RSWindowsNegotiate or RSWindowsBasic then either delete them or comment them out. Here is what the section should look like after you comment them out.

Once the file has been changed, restart the services.

After following those instructions, we were able to access the Reporting Services URL (Web Service and Report Manager) remotely via the browser.

Hope this may help some of you troubleshooting reporting services.