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Install SQL Server in ubuntu 16.04 Step by Step

Finally Microsoft announced and released  a stable version SQL Server for Linux  called SQL Server vNext. I have been following the cumulative upgrade of SQL rpm for Linux since they first announced on March 2016 but those installation were not very pleasant specially on RedHat environment. This new release installation process is very simple compare to previous releases. However this new version of SQL has Ubuntu edition and only available in enterprise edition.

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 (desktop edition)  on a Oracle Virtual Machine (Free) . Fortunately I was able to install SQL server in Ubuntu during weekend (While watching Alabama football game!!) . I captured screenshot every steps I did during installation and saved them a file upload this blog. I  would like to share this document to the my blog.


Microsoft also release SQL Management Studio for different versions of Linux including Ubuntu but I couldn’t find any rpm for Linux or Ubuntu. Once I find the download location of this rpm I will update the document how to install  SSMS. Please download the attachement and see if that help.

Welcome and Enjoy Linux World!!!